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Editorial Policies

Accepted manuscripts:

• The article tells a good story, well written and easy to understand, the arguments are logical and not internally contradictory.

• Provides insight into an important issue. This insight is used to develop a new theory or advancement of an existing one, or stimulates new, important questions.
• The methods used to explore the issue are appropriate (collection and interpreting data) and explain why and how the data support the conclusions)
• Interconnecting the previous work in the relevant field or from inter-disciplinary fields are made to the article's interpretations clearer.

Rejected manuscripts:

- Does not fall within the Aims and Scope of the journal.
- The article contains elements that are suspected to be plagiarized.

- The article is currently under review process at another journal.

- The manuscript is not complete; it may be lacking key elements such as the title, authors, affiliations, keywords, main text, references and all tables and figures.

- The English is not proficient for the peer review process.

- The figures are not complete or are not clear enough to read. References are incomplete or very old.
- The article contains observations but is not a full study.
- Methods/Analysis data is seen to be defective
- Over interpretation of results.
- Incomprehensible/Unsatisfactory data.
- Conclusions not supported by data. Make sure to contribute alternative clarification, and do not simply restate the results.
• Simply a small extension of a different paper, inaccurate literature.
• Author unwilling to revise the manuscript to address reviewers suggestions. Taking the reviewers suggestions into account, revising your manuscript will always result in a better manuscript for publishing.